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Friday, January 15, 2010

"The Reunion Reaper" Finally Released

Well, it's a reality, my new novel, "The Reunion Reaper" is now available on

It took longer than I had hoped, but when you have to do all the work; such as, editing, revising, editing, revising, and did I say edit, it takes time and its toll. I hope you will take advantage and order a copy, I feel you will be rewarded for your purchase.

Here's a brief overview: Twenty five years has passed since the 1983 class of Palm Beach Prep, a rather prestigious private school with a storied history, graduated, but now some of those classmates are being hunted down and killed by one of their own. The killer is bent on revenge.
When Andrew Keane gets the news that three of his fellow classmates are dead, he gets curious and starts sniffing around. Little does Andrew know that his involvement will get some of his friends killed, and jeopardize his job, marriage, and possibly his life.

Here is the link: